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Tar Crew Safety Training

Tar Crew Safety Awareness Training

Course Duration

Tar Crew Safety  Training is a half day course.

Certificates are for 3 years  and we take large groups and deliver in a hotel setting.

Course Content Tar Crew Safety Training

It has been described as a safe pass type course for tar crews but better because its more relative to the participants.

  • Health & Safety Act 2005. Construction Regulations 2013. General Applications Regulations 2007 to 2016.
  • Manual Handling, Abrasive Wheels. Work at Heights, Fire Safety.
  • Safety with Rollers, Pavers, Chippers, Bitumen Boilers, Pitch Pots.
  • Safety with Tractors, Planers, Sweepers, Lorries, Tying loads.
  • Manoeuvring Exercises, Hydraulic Controls Compressor Whip Checks.
  • Hitches, PTO, Front loader, inflating tyres, body props/safety struts.
  • Refuelling /Battery care & maintenance.
  • Chapter 8 signage. Accident/Incidents.
  • Safety DVDs.
  • Dangers of the public and traffic.