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Health and Safety Officer, Consultancy and Training

In highly competitive work environments, companies need to assess and reduce costs wherever possible. Health and safety is not an area that can be compromised by cut-backs or cost reduction, and there will always be the requirement that Health and Safety is actively managed and that staff are adequately trained. Nonetheless, Clive Kelly Safety offers offers a range of services and on-site consultancy and training to help companies to maintain costs while ensuring that all their legislated and internal requirements for health and safety are achieved, their certification is met and most important, a safe working environment is provided for all staff.

Health and Safety Officer

Clive Kelly can provide Health and Safety Officers and safety audits/ safety training / GA1 inspections for the site who will assist in

  • Monitoring and assessing unsafe and hazardous situations;
  • Ensuring that health and safety documentation is in place and is adhered to;
  • Ensure that workers comply with company policies and compliance to  safety regulations;
  • Monitoring and ensuring closure on incident action plans;
  • Record details of incidents, remedial actions and opportunities for improvement;
  • Audit the Heath and Safety systems, monitor actions on non-conformance and facilitate accreditation;
  • Report to management on issues, preventative actions taken and the state of health of the system;
  • Identify areas where additional training is required.

This is an alternative for companies who do not want to employ full time staff to meet their health and safety requirements and to meet the legislative requirements for their industry or to maintain their Safe-T-Certification. Clive Kelly Safety have a many years experience (starting as a machine operator (1993) then to Safety Officer, then Safety Manager and now Safety Consultant) in the construction, quarrying, precast and road surfacing industries and therefore are well placed to provide this service.

Our Safety Officer service is available to companies throughout Ireland.

Health and Safety Consultant

An independent review of processes and practices can sometimes yield valuable insights into areas for improvement. These improvements can vastly improve the safety on the site and reduce the risk and occurrence of accidents. The wide exposure to different industries and working environments coupled with the best practices implements by some companies ensures that Clive Kelly Safety are uniquely positioned to provide the highest level of Health and Safety consultancy. Applying best practices can reduce accident-related costs and prevent losses due to accident-related down-time.

Clive Kelly safety offers consultancy to companies in a wide range of industries. This consultancy includes including Health and Safety audit, workplace inspections, system analysis, documentation, preventative or corrective action and more.

We provide a Nationwide service.

Health and Safety Training

An essential component of any health and safety system is that staff are well trained in all aspects of Health and Safety. Clive Kelly can provide training on all aspects of Health and Safety. The courses can be tailored for the particular working environment whether it is a Quarry, Construction Site, Road Surfacing or a Precast plant. We are leaders in providing training in all these areas.

We offer courses at the clients premises using the clients equipment to ensure a ‘live’ working environment for the training.

Training courses can include / incorporate

Coupling our Health and Safety Consultancy with Health and Safety training will help in providing a world class Health and safety environment for Staff.