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Quarry Safety Week: October 24th to October 29th 2016

Monday 24th October 2016 is the start of Quarry Safety Week 2016 in Ireland. While safety is always vital in every Quarry, this is a week when Quarry companies throughout Ireland are encouraged to place a particular emphasis the importance of safety in Quarries.

During Quarry Safety Week, Inspectors from the Health and Safety Authority work with industry representatives to promote quarry safety and carry out inspections of the workplace.

Quarry Management staff are encouraged to provide talks and discussions for personnel, in addition to carrying out inspections and audits of the Quarry. The ultimate aim is to improve safety in the workplace and thereby to prevent accidents.

Clive Kelly Safety – Quarry Courses

Clive Kelly Safety LTD are specialists in the field of safety in quarries and we provide equipment and personnel training in addition to audits and inspection for quarries. Our courses include:

and more… Clive Kelly can offer training, assessments, audits and testing in preparation for Quarry Safety Week and we can provide awareness training during the week. Please visit the Quarry section of our site for details on each of the items listed and contact Clive Kelly on 087 2196988 for more information.