Block Making Machine Safety Training

Clive Kelly doing walk around inspection checks on isolator

Clive Kelly has recently added Block Making Machine Safety training course to our portfolio. The course also covers  Strapper Safety.

The range of hazards and safety risks in Block plants are similar to other processing operations like the quarry and precast industries.  Procedures, maintenance, checks and equipment interlocks are provided to reduce the risks of injury or damage to plant and equipment. The Clive Kelly Safety training course on block making machines and strapper safety helps employees to ensure so far as reasonably practicable the safety, health and welfare at work of all his employees and contractors.

This course is offered at the clients’ premises using the clients’ equipment to ensure a hands-on approach and operator familiarity with the equipment used for the training. The course covers a wide range of important areas including legislation, pre-inspection, safe use of the equipment, good practices etc.

Block making machine inspection as part of the training course Pre-use inspection carried out on a strapper machine Clive Kelly doing walk around inspection checks on isolator Walk around pre-use check of the strapper machine as part of the training course

View our training page for more information on the block-making machine and strapper safety training course offered by Clive Kelly Safety

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MEWP and Work at Heights Training

Work at heights
Clive Kelly Safety is offering a range of courses over the next few months targeting safety for jobs that involve working at heights. In particular the courses are:
Any mobile elevated platform (MEWP) equipment that involves staff working at elevated heights like Cherry Pickers, Scissors-Lifts etc. require training on the equipment and safety precautions for working at height.
The training includes use of equipment, inspection of the equipment, safety harness training instrumentation, legislation, risk assessment and more.
  • Clive Kelly Safety offers any of these courses in the following centres:
  • Clare Ennis and Shannon
  • Limerick City, Foynes and Newcastlewest
  • Cork: Cork City, Croom, Mallow
  • Galway: Galway City, Gort, Tuam
  • Tipperary: Thurles, Tipperary town, Clonmel
  • Offaly: Birr
  • Laois
  • Kildare
  • Dublin

If you do not see your town or city in the list please give us a call on 087 219 6988.

All courses involving equipment will take place at the clients’ premises using the clients equipment. This has the advantage of ensuring that participants use the equipment that they are familiar with and which will form part of their day-to-day work.

Overhead Gantry Crane Training

Health, Safety, Welfare in the Workplace Regulations

If you work with an Overhead Gantry Crane in a manufacturing environment, or you work in an area where knowledge about overhead gantry cranes if important then the Gantry Crane Training offered by Clive Kelly Safety will be of considerable benefit to you. The course is offered in Clare, Limerick, Tipperary, Galway, Mayo, Cork, Waterford Kerry, Offaly, Laois, Kildare, Dublin and the surrounding towns.

If you work with Overhead Gantry Cranes, then Clive Kelly Safety has the course for you

Manufacturing safety training is essential for the well-being of staff in the working environment and supervisors and manages are required by legislation to provide their staff with the training necessary to do the job in the safest possible manner. Completions of the Gantry Crane Training course will provide staff with the knowledge that they need to minimise the risk of injury or damage to equipment.

The course is carried out at the clients premises using the clients’ machinery. This ensures that staff get the best possible hands-on training using equipment that they are familiar with. The course covers both the theoretical and practical aspects of Gantry Crane Operation and includes safety, legislation, inspection, operation, equipment, weight assessment and more.  For more information on this course please check out the Gantry Crane training page on our site.

Safety Inspections Asphalt / Tar Plants from March 2017

Asphalt plant for construction

From March / April 2017 the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) will be focusing on Safety Procedures, Risk Assessments, Policies and Procedures for companies that work with or produce Asphalt and Tarmacadam products.

The HSA are likely to visit all plants throughout Ireland to see if the companies are compliant with the health and safety legislation for Asphalt/Tarmacadam Production plants.. We at Clive Kelly Safety Ltd understand what the HSA requirements are what the inspectors are likely to look for when they visit. We would be happy to visit your site and carry out a Health and Safety Audit and then help you to resolve any issues to ensure that you are compliant with the legislation so that you can be prepared when the HSA inspector arrives at your site.

Clive Kelly Safety Ltd have a strong background with 23 years practical experience in the Asphalt plant / Tarmacadam plant industry and we are able to provide our services to customers anywhere in all 26 counties in Ireland.

We also, can carry out GA1 inspections on lifting equipment, we also do brake testing of loading shovels, dumpers and other mobile plant. Clive Kelly Safety Ltd also can provide safety training on manual handling, abrasive wheels, working at heights, fire training, isolation procedures. In adition to this, we provide QSCS training and also training on Forklifts, MEWP, and many other items of plant.

Call Clive Kelly on 087 219 6988  if you would like to book our services.


Safety Training and Services for Clare

Safety Training in Clare

Health, Safety and Welfare at Work

Health and our safety are primary needs in everything we do whether in our workplace, at home or when visiting some other location. The importance of health and safety awareness and training is understood by most organisations and there is legislation in place in Ireland that states that employers are required to ensure their employees safety health and welfare in the workplace as far as is reasonably practicable (see Citizens Information for the legislation on health and safety at work).

Safety training and services in Clare

Clive Kelly Safety operates in County Clare and has provided Safety training courses and other safety services to employers and employees throughout Clare for the past decade and more. Clive Kelly has a wealth of knowledge in the field of Health and Safety and is well qualified to provide training at the highest level.

Contact Clive Kelly

A number of public courses are offered on Safepass Training in the West County Hotel. These are very popular for people from Ennis, Shannon Kilrush, Ennistimon, Gort and Kilkee and other areas throughout County Clare.

Other safety courses and safety services as described on the Clive Kelly Website are offered to companies located in Ennis, Shannon Kilrush, Ennistimon or anywhere else in Clare. These include:

All of the safety training courses listed are offered at the clients’ premises using the clients equipment. This ensures that employees are trained ‘on the job’ and at the location where the safety training applies.

While the safety courses and safety services offered by Clive Kelly Safety are likely to be of most benefit companies and employees located Ennis, Shannon Kilrush, Ennistimon, Gort and Kilkee, these services also are offered throughout Clare and the surrounding regions. Please contact Clive Kelly for more information on any of these services.


Safe-T-Cert accreditation audits

Safe-T-Cert Accreditation

Clive Kelly Safety now offers Safe-T-Cert accreditation audits to companies located in Clare, Limerick, Galway, Tipperary and the surrounding areas.

Safety audits also are an independent means of appraising the on-site systems, procedures and processes in preparation of a formal accreditation audit for OHSAS 18001 () and Safe-T-Cert Accreditation.

Safe-T-Cert is a Health and Safety Management System Accreditation that is assessed by a third party and is awarded by the Construction Industry Federation of Ireland [C.I.F.].

Quarry Safety Week 2016

Quarry Safety Week 2016

Quarry Safety Week: October 24th to October 29th 2016

Monday 24th October 2016 is the start of Quarry Safety Week 2016 in Ireland. While safety is always vital in every Quarry, this is a week when Quarry companies throughout Ireland are encouraged to place a particular emphasis the importance of safety in Quarries.

During Quarry Safety Week, Inspectors from the Health and Safety Authority work with industry representatives to promote quarry safety and carry out inspections of the workplace.

Quarry Management staff are encouraged to provide talks and discussions for personnel, in addition to carrying out inspections and audits of the Quarry. The ultimate aim is to improve safety in the workplace and thereby to prevent accidents.

Clive Kelly Safety – Quarry Courses

Clive Kelly Safety LTD are specialists in the field of safety in quarries and we provide equipment and personnel training in addition to audits and inspection for quarries. Our courses include:

and more… Clive Kelly can offer training, assessments, audits and testing in preparation for Quarry Safety Week and we can provide awareness training during the week. Please visit the Quarry section of our site for details on each of the items listed and contact Clive Kelly on 087 2196988 for more information.

Clive Kelly Safe Pass Training

SafePass Training in Clare

Clive Kelly Safepass Training will continue through the summer. We offer only 3 public courses per month so please get your name down as soon as possible if you would like to reserve your place. The training is held in the West County Hotel in Ennis.

Our training is intended for any employees who will benefit from basic health & safety knowledge. The course covers all of the following areas:

  • Promotion of Safety
  • P.P.E.
  • Legislation
  • Hand held equipment
  • Accident prevention
  • Safe use of machinery
  • Working at height
  • Noise & vibration
  • Excavations
  • Manual Handling
  • Electricity
  • Health & Hygiene

Attendees who complete the course will be awarded a Solas Safe Pass registration card which is valid for 4 years.

The training is held in the West County Hotel in Ennis and starts at 8:00am. Anyone who would like to attend the course should please contact Clive Kelly on (087) 2196988 in advance to book. All attendees will need to provide a passport photo, a PPS number and €90 on the day.

Quarry Safety One Day Packages

Quarry Safety Courses

Clive Kelly Safety is pleased to offer two Quarry Safety package deals specifically tailored the Quarry industry in Ireland. The packages are:

Quarry Safety Training Day

Quarry Safety Certification

These offers are in addition to standard training, inspection and consultation offered by Clive Kelly Safety LTD.

Both offers have a 1 day duration and are carried out at the clients’ location. Clive Kelly Safety offers a special day rate for each package. Please contact Clive directly on 087-219-6988 for more information or for a quotation.

Other Quarry Safety

Clive Kelly Safety Limited also offers QSCS (Quarry Skills Certification Scheme) training. This is a FAS approved course and is intended for anyone engaged in the operation of a category of mobile quarry plant included in the QSCS Plant Operators Scheme. Visit our website for more information on QSCS training.

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Quarry Safety Conference

Quarry Safety Seminar
In March 2016 there were a number of conferences in Ireland promoting the improvement of safety standards in the quarry industry. The conferences were held in Athlone, Tipperary and finally in Kildare. The main image shows (from left to right) Gerry Farrell Chief Executive of the Irish concrete Federation, Pat Griffin and Jim Homes from the Health and Safety Authority of Ireland and Clive Kelly of Clive Kelly Safety Ltd. Clive Kelly also represents the Irish Concrete Federation.

Clive Kelly is a health and safety consultant specialising in Quarry Safety. Clive Kelly Safety offers a wide range courses including Health and Safety, Forklift Driver, MEWP, HIAB, Manual Handling, Working at Heights and Confined Spaces as well as GA1 lifting equipment inspection and Safety Audits to companies throughout Clare, Limerick and the mid-West.  Courses are held at the Clients’ premises. Please contact Clive Kelly Safety LTD for more information.

Safety standards in the quarry industry conference

Left to right Gerry Farrell Chief Executive of the Irish Concrete Federation, Clive Kelly of Clive Kelly Safety, Jim Homes and Lillian O Neill of the Health and Safety Authority